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I love Charlottesville and Central Virginia, but now I'm constantly dreaming of my next trip to Norfolk and Hampton Roads. The amount of things you can do on the streets of Hampton can be overwhelming, so I've compiled a list of 100 things to do in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area.

It's been a while since I've been to the zoo, so I was excited when VisitNorfolk took a possible trip on my itinerary. If you're not a zookeeper, this activity should be added to your list of Norfolk attractions.

Norfolk is also a great festival destination, so depending on the time of your visit you can enjoy some of the best food, music and entertainment in the area, as well as some great dining options. If you are on a cruise in Norfolk, you should take a few days off to visit these famous attractions in the area. You might also like what you can do with your kids in Williamsburg for more ideas about where to stay, or what to do with kids in Virginia Beach.

There's a small festival going on, so take a ferry from Norfolk to Portsmouth and let your kids see some of the best restaurants and entertainment in Virginia Beach, to name a few. The Elizabeth River Ferry is also a great way to explore the city of Norfolk and other parts of Virginia. If you want to see more Navy ships, visit Norfolk Naval Station and take a tour of the Norfolk Naval Base. There are said cruise ships, which are guided missiles, but you can also visit the largest naval facility in the world, the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, for a more intimate experience.

The route will take you past some of Virginia Beach's most popular restaurants and shops, as well as a number of historic buildings. Nature lovers can enjoy the Norfolk Botanical Garden, which offers a variety of plants, animals, birds, flowers and plants from around the world. The city of Williamsburg is also home to a European theme park, the Virginia Botanic Garden, with more than 1,000 plants and animals.

If you are thinking of visiting Norfolk, you can contact the guide with any questions. As someone who has served in the Armed Forces, I know what Norfolk, with its military bases, is known for. You can learn about the history of the Navy, visit the Wisconsin Battleship, take a dinner cruise and much more.

There also seems to be a variety of fun activities in Norfolk, including boating, kayaking, hiking, fishing and more. All this makes Norfolk a pleasure to appreciate the beauty of the sea and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

I wish I had the opportunity to visit the entire Hampton Roads area Wineries to see how similar and different they are to the ones in Charlottesville. This was one of my favorite tastings in Virginia and probably the best I've ever seen.

They offer a wide selection of wines, from red, white, chardonnay and even a little red wine, all offered in a variety of flavors and styles.

You can meet the marine life of the Hampton Roads area and help discover a robotic arm, design a ship, fish under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and tunnel, and see the Elizabeth River harbor in motion. Visitors can tour some of Norfolk's most famous ships, such as the USS Virginia and the USS Norfolk, on a guided tour of the Norfolk Naval Station. They can be seen moving through the harbor and along the Elizabeth River, passing by the Norfolk Aquarium and Virginia Museum of Natural History in Norfolk, Va., and viewing the largest collection of marine life in the world, from sea lions to sea turtles, at the National Marine Mammal Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

It would be easy to extend the trip and also spend time in nearby places like Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, but Busch Gardens in Norfolk are only an hour away, so I recommend you book a full day to enjoy all that the park has to offer. I suppose if you run out of time there, you can always hop on a bus or train to the next stop on the way back to Norfolk.

The child-friendly Virginia Zoo in Norfolk is just three miles from the base, and about the same distance the MacArthur Memorial Gallery offers a bit of local history. If you visit Norfolk from further afield, there are many other great attractions in the area, such as the Virginia Museum of Natural History and the Norfolk Museum and Botanical Garden. Southwest Airlines flies from Norfolk International Airport, making it easy to plan your next visit.

The Nauticus will impress and teach you with maritime exhibits featuring a variety of ships, such as the USS George Washington, USS Enterprise and USS Virginia, to name a few. These cruises are offered from April to October and offer great views of the city from the deck of the ship, as well as some of Norfolk's most popular attractions. The tour departs from Norfolk International Airport at 6: 30 a.m. and returns at 7: 45 a.m. M., and it is Just where many other Norfolk attractions are. It is not the only shopping mall in town, but it is located in the heart of downtown Norfolk, just a short drive from the Virginia Museum of Natural History and the Norfolk Museum and Botanical Garden.

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