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Shannon Bowman writes about gay and lesbian bars in Hampton Roads: "Having gay, heterosexual and transgender women at bachelor parties or office parties at drag shows is common and acceptable.

If cocktails and dancing all night is not your style, Virginia has plenty of options. Other clubs in Virginia that spring to mind are Latin-themed nights and places where country and western dance enthusiasts can have fun. You can also find more bars to get in touch with Virginia Beach Girls, but you can count yourself lucky if you don't know about it before.

Some of the best nightlife is within walking distance, which is always an advantage, but you will also walk to many other places to celebrate and try to relax. Leave the main bar of the hotel and head to Tap Room 101 in Granby for a good drink and a great night out with some of Virginia's best singles.

Nightclubs in Virginia Beach are a great way to meet people, especially during the summer and spring holidays when nightlife explodes. If you like the Washington Sports Club in Arlington or Clarendon, you can explore similar areas and be out all evening, which is the perfect time to have a good night out with some of the best singles and their Virginia friends. If you need to pick a bar to meet a single girl in Virginia Beach, start here.

If you're looking for the best places to meet girls in Virginia Beach in our dating guide, we've put together some of them for you. We have compiled our list of the most popular nightclubs and bars in the city so you can enjoy your time here.

If you know the best places to meet single girls, our Virginia Beach Dating Guide will help you figure out how to show them a good time. Since the majority of this post is about the beach, we will also give you some advice about Norfolk, as it is so close. The following are places to visit if you're not basking in the golden Virginia sun. Convenience is in our list of favorite nightclubs and bars in Norfolk, Va.

If you're planning on visiting the city, read our Baltimore Nightlife Guide for Men or pick from the things listed below. There are certainly many places in Norfolk with exciting gay nightlife and right there where you can see the game. Each of these places offers a wide selection of food and drinks as well as a wide range of entertainment options. For a list of the best restaurants, bars and eateries in Norfolk, Va., see our Virginia Beach Dating Guide.

If you want to try to get in touch with girls in Norfolk, Granby Street is the only nightlife area. Downtown Virginia Beach is a popular spot, and several bars and restaurants have spent several nights hosting live music, dance parties and other events. Marketplace has just opened there and we recommend it as the main rooftop bar for Norfolk.

Olde Towne is within walking distance of historic parks such as Fort Nelson and anywhere in between from the Children's Museum of Virginia. The Yard House is within walking distance and Virginia Beach's favorite restaurant Gordon's Biersch is right next to Keagan's, but our next stop for drinks is Baron Bier Garden. Longboards, known for their craft beer, are a great place for a good dinner and drink with live music and dance parties. All of this together makes one of the best areas for nightlife in Norfolk and a perfect place to live and work.

If your taste is more focused on city life and a fast-paced environment, there is no doubt that Norfolk is certainly one of the ideal areas to spend a night, but the amount of activities available is constantly changing and you can always find individuals floating around and having fantastic times. You get bored on the road in the city, so don't visit the garage on Granby Street in Norfolk. Whether you already know someone there or not, you want to let go and become new individually.

At the Funny Bone in Virginia Beach, you can enjoy a night of laughter and great drinks, or take a night stroll along the Seawall and marvel at the city lights that feature the best streets in Hampton Roads. For live music, don't miss out on what the channel has to offer in downtown Richmond, from a variety of well-known musical performers to local bands. Once in Olde Towne, enjoy the beautiful views of the Virginia State Capitol and the historic city of Richmond, and see what other extraordinary places to explore.

Today, it's the Olde Towne Public House, known for its good food and drink, not to mention its wood-fired pizzas. Across the river, Legend Brewing Depot has some of the best handcrafted beers produced by the world's top craft breweries, including the Blue Ridge Brewing Company. Downtown Richmond has a variety of restaurants, bars and bars in the heart of downtown Richmond, all featuring an outdoor terrace with a fireplace and live seasonal music, as well as a number of great restaurants.

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