Norfolk Virginia Sheraton Hotel

The finishing touches have been put on a multi-million pound renovation inspired by its location in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia. A fresh new design spans, introducing a soothing blue with metallic-accented shades of grey and placing the view of the harbour at the centre. A nautical - striped curtain of white-blue curtains and a white-and-white color scheme create a vibrant backdrop for club-level guests to gather and dine.

Here are the official pictures from the website, but be aware that I did not get any pictures, there are people who are doing sports and I do not feel comfortable taking pictures. It is a good enough hotel and offers good value for money if you stay there at some point, as it only needs 3 - 4,000 star points per night. Despite the relatively high cash rate, it is actually a category 2 hotel under SPG, meaning you only need to redeem 3,000 Star Points per night on weekends or up to 4,000 per night during the week.

The city has a large convention center and many excellent amenities, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Virginia, and there are several hotels offering below-budget rates. Government workers traveling need to stick to a certain price limit, and Norfolk has many of them. The only downtown hotel that is located just off the business district and directly across the Elizabeth River are the Best Western Holiday Sands Suites. It is within the state's price limit, but has a waterfront location and is just above the Elizabeth River.

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We have to do something about the breakfast situation, because waiting 45 minutes to get a place in the hotel for breakfast is not acceptable. So it would be nice to give out vouchers for items in the snack bar.

A complimentary champagne toast will be available to all guests on behalf of the hotel, and the newlyweds will have a harbor view room at their disposal the night before the wedding. There is no reason to prefer this hotel to the brand new Hilton Norfolk, especially given the relatively similar price. Click here to make a reservation at our hotel and enjoy a great stay at the Sheraton Waterside Hotel!

The Sheraton has a good number of seating, many of which offer shade, and there is not too much going on. The Monticello Ballroom Foyer can accommodate up to 150 people and is a charming, graceful ballroom with a private foyer, so you don't have to worry about not feeling too busy! The pool itself is about as long as it is in terms of size, with plenty of room for swimming and a few other amenities.

There is a room where you can put on a robe and glide around the room, send a few emails from your desk or grab the remote control to hop into your plush bed and catch up on your favorite horror movie. The comfort may not be the same in the different areas of the hotel, but it does feel good in the end. It feels nice, like inhaling and creating the warmth of a hotel.

For example, the hotel is not designed to appear on the pages of the latest interior magazine to compete with other, more secure, upscale hotels. It is beautifully done, but it is not the best and in some cases not even close to the same.

I would imagine that the ratings will increase when I come back after the renovation is complete, but I don't think I would ask again unless I'm here, then see if you can get a straight room that should be a room overlooking the Elizabeth River. Only customers who book through and stay at the property concerned can write a review and I archive all my old 36-month reviews to keep them relevant for future trips. The amenities are due to my special visit, so I will only check the amenities for this special trip, not the entire hotel.

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More About Norfolk