Norfolk Virginia Residence Inn

This elegant wedding venue offers spectacular views of the Lynnhaven River and is located on a quay. This cozy Coastal Virginia boutique is brimming with vintage furniture, vintage clothing, vintage furniture and accessories. It is the perfect place for a quiet night with friends, family or just a few friends.

This showpiece location is just minutes from the sea and is a must-visit attraction for visitors. The clubhouse can accommodate up to 140 guests or 200 people in the large hall and the Crystal Ball Hall can be located on the second floor of the building, with a total building that can be rented. Both function rooms and private rooms are shared and this venue is perfect for a small group of up to 150 people and provides an exquisite setting for any event.

Chesapeake (s) and the Greenbrier Business Community are just a short drive from Chesapeake Bay and Lockhee County, Virginia. Located in the heart of Norfolk Virginia, just an hour and a half's drive from downtown Norfolk, this hotel is part of one of the liveliest and most vibrant communities in Virginia and Maryland.

The Mermaid Winery, located in the charming Ghent district, and the beauty of the VirAginia Beach offers as an event space. The newly refurbished Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel has well-appointed rooms, a restaurant with bar, an outdoor pool, a spa and fitness centre. Delta Hotels and the Marriott Norfolk Airport provide convenient access to Norfolk International Airport, Chesapeake Bay and Lockhee County.

The Residence Suites in these hotels are ideal for longer stays - with longer stays of up to three months or longer. They are an economically wise choice when you move to the area and they are also a great option for short-term or longer-term rentals.

The professional staff will help you choose your group and make you feel at home. Formerly known as the Masonic Inn Bed and Breakfast Four Eleven York, we are proud to continue this beautiful building as a wonderful place to stay and celebrate Norfolk.

The Mermaid Winery in Virginia Beach right on Shore Drive provides a great setting for events as well as The LOVL is just a few blocks away on the other side of Shore Road. The Founders Inn and Spa offers a full-service spa, fitness centre and spa. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Norfolk, next to the Norfolk Convention Center and conveniently connected to the Waterside Convention Center. We will work closely with the providers to ensure that events run as smoothly and smoothly as possible for our guests and guests of all ages.

The event space includes 11 meeting rooms designed for small and corporate gatherings, a full-service bar, and a restaurant and special wedding room to help you find a trusted wedding venue in the Chesapeake.

The academic institutions involved include Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Highland College. The region offers more than 1,000 bachelor and master's courses and a wide range of vocational and vocational training opportunities.

Elegant and beautiful ballroom for wedding professionals, the Country Villa Inn is the perfect venue for one of the most prestigious weddings in the country, a unique event for couples of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to offer couples a carefree experience, which is supervised from start to finish by a team of professional wedding planners, event planners and event organisers.

Marriott Slidell offers live music, live entertainment, restaurants and entertainment, as well as a full-service bar and restaurant with a wide selection of food.

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More About Norfolk