Norfolk Virginia Embassy Suites Hotel

A pet-friendly hotel near Norfolk, in the heart of Norfolk town with restaurant, bar, spa, gym and spa.

The Red Roof Inn Hampton Coliseum is pet-friendly and welcomes two pets of any size for an additional $50 per stay. Western Holiday Sands Inn & Suites offers two dogs up to 80 lbs, as long as they cost no more than $150 a week. The America at the Hamptoniseum welcomes two pets under 25 lbs, for an extra $25 per pet per night. For an additional fee, the Red Roof hotel in the heart of Hampton, Virginia, is also pet friendly.

La Quinta Inn Norfolk welcomes two pets of any size, as long as they do not exceed 40% of your stay. The Hampton Suites can accommodate up to two pets for an additional $25 per pet per night, a total of $100 per week.

The Chesapeake welcomes two pets under 40 lbs for an additional fee of $15 per pet per stay. At Hyatt Place at the Hampton Convention Center, up to two dogs of any size can be accommodated, provided they exceed 40% of your stay at no additional charge at a rate of $75 per stay. Lake Wright welcomes three pets of all sizes, from one to four dogs, at a cost of just $5 per dog per night or $10 per pet per week, in addition to the usual $25 per pet.

Embassy Suites Hampton Roads accommodates pets up to 100 lbs, and a pet under 80 lbs is accepted at no additional charge. Under the Hampton Pet Policy at Candlewood, Suits Hampton allows pets under 100 lb and pets over 100 lbs.

A 3 bedroom vacation rental in Hampton allows pets under 100 lbs and pets over 80 lbs under 5 years. A four-bedroom vacation in Hampton is allowed, and two-bedroom vacation rentals in the Hamptons allow pets up to 100 lbs and dogs under 10 lbs. All 3-bedroom vacation rentals in Hampton are permitted, and 3-bedroom vacation rentals in Hampton are permitted.

This is determined by the individual host of the Airbnb accommodation, not by state or local law enforcement or the Hampton County Sheriff.

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This job advertisement is open to people in the diocese of Norfolk, Virginia, but can also be accepted by other dioceses.

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More About Norfolk