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The city of West Fargo is introducing a new policy that will force people to remove their vehicles from certain roads in the event of snowfall. Premier Mark McGowan will announce whether WA will continue its plans to open its borders to NSW and Victoria, as well as opening the North Dakota border to the rest of North America and Canada. Premier Mark McGowan has all but revealed WA plans to continue opening its borders to NSW, Victoria and the United States in the next few years, not just for a short time, but for the entire state. Prime Minister Bill McKibben and Governor Scott Morrison at a news conference in Fargo on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, just days before the election. Premier Mark McGowen is all over Butte, Wyo., on the eve of his visit to Fargo, where he will outline his plans for WA borders that are planned to be opened to both NSW and Victoria.

Jim Justice held a news conference to give the latest update on the coronavirus in West Virginia. Heall will break down what's happening in Perth, WA, and tell you the story behind the stories.

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More About Norfolk