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Take a tour of the food landscape of Norfolk, Va., while browsing through a photo gallery of hot plugs and enjoying the best local food in town.

Here, visitors to Norfolk can sample some of the city's best local dishes as well as some of the city's most popular restaurants. Best-sellers include crab pie, crab, grilled fish and a variety of seafood, but my favourite is the soft shell crab. The willow crab head has a blue crab feast that can be eaten quite often, making it a favorite of people who love blue crabs. A cook roasts and roasts the blue crab, which has shed its hard outer skin, lightly and makes a captivating dish.

If you need a quick meal or have time for a leisurely lunch, downtown Norfolk has some of the best lunch spots. Saffron also offers a lunch buffet, which is a great way to try some new things. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the only place where you can fry your own s'mores for dessert.

Shopping and food are diverse and varied, catering to the tastes and palette of those visiting Norfolk. Norfolk is a city with a cheerful mix, with a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and restaurants in the city centre.

The prawns are my favourite, but make sure you look at the prawn dishes themselves, they are also quite chubby. There are a variety of soft tacos, mahi shrimp, shrimp, crab, tuna, shrimp and mozzarella as well as a few other options, such as the "soft tacos" that are mahi soft tacos with shrimp in them.

The simple cheeseburger fries are amazing, but if you want something with a little more meat, the turkey club bagels are delicious. There's also a raw oyster bar, a famous Chesapeake Bay shop owned by the cousins of tasters Ryan and Travis Croxton. The ceviche will blow you away, as will the oyster smothered in spinach, bacon and cheese. I love the chiflet with smoked bacon and the simple burger with cheese and bacon on top.

The Handsome Biscuit, a sandwich made from sweet potato biscuits, is in an area that is decidedly off the beaten track. Further north, along the Colley corridor, you'll find Shiptown and LeGrand's Kitchen, named after two Norfolk record labels from the 1960s.

There may not be a place for everyone, but there are plenty of unique dishes in these unique restaurants. The dishes are rather imaginative and the food is really different from anything that has ever tasted before, so try it for a party with your taste buds.

Try fried chicken waffles with chilli and lime sprouts or chicken and cheese waffles with bacon, cheese and tomato sauce. Try the pork belly chicken sandwich with chicken, tomatoes, onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, basil, coriander and red onions.

A pan - fried special scallops with cauliflower mash, topped with a spicy tomato sauce, garlic, basil, red onion and garlic sauce - is pretty much the best you'll ever taste. In this famous soup, the main courses include jumbo lumps of crab cake, served with homemade truffle ravioli stuffed with ricotta, Parmigiano - Reggiano and goat cheese.

Southern Eats prides itself on its fresh, prepared food, but our favorite is to set up for a quick lunch at one of the area's most popular restaurants, Indian Kitchen. We love the Executive Lunch Saffron, starting with a vegetable samosa stuffed with potatoes and green peas, then enjoy chicken korma, while you can never go wrong with tikka masala. Our favorites are the Chicken Sausage, a spicy, sweet and spicy version of Chicken Kabobs, and the spicy-spicy Chicken Tikka.

If your stomach is snarling after a cheese or pizza bake, order the food at the Domino's in Norfolk.

If you are in town and want to get along with the locals, order the prawns and grains if you like. The waitress takes your order in the car and goes to the barbecue stand of the restaurant. When you head for the kerb service, you can grab a burger, fries or even a beer or two at the bar.

The restaurant is an old school oyster bar, meaning they strive to serve the freshest food available. Traditional cooking techniques include smoked oysters, cornmeal crusted, and many of the recipes tend to be a little on the spicy side because they are Cajun / Creole. They have a blackened prawn salad and almonds from the western part of our state are on their menu.

Virginia Peanut Country focuses on the coastal and southern regions of our state and can be explored on the Salty Southern Route.

You can't go to Norfolk and not try Dirty Buffalo, which has probably the best wings the city has to offer. It may sound like a bad name for a restaurant, but it's actually true. Norfolk has so much fish and seafood because it's so close to the sea, so easy to fish. But there are also some great restaurants that don't serve much or no seafood.

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