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Summer may be over, but we have a new spring season to look forward to, which will light up the stages of Hampton Roads and attract renowned artists from around the world. Hong Kong Ballet will visit Virginia for the first time this spring and perform "The Facade" at the Virginia Institute of Art (VITA) in Norfolk, Virginia. Under the direction of JoAnn Falletta and with a group of talented musicians and reciters, "the Facades" will be performed on April 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

The Virginia Arts Festival is a destination for dance lovers this spring, and also features Collage Dance Collective's "Tutu Clad," a dance performance by the group Tutu - dressed, energetic, multifaceted. A number of artists will be announced soon, but the annual Virginia Ballet Festival, one of the nation's largest dance festivals, returns to the heart of colonial Williamsburg from June 26-27.

Visitors can choose from a variety of programs they hear, and if you wish, you can even sign up for guided tours. If you are a future visitor looking for a tour for his future visit to Norfolk, we encourage you to pin yourself. We have easy access to all these resources, so if you want to do something in Norfolk or are interested in it, please add it to the list.

The blog Norfolk Mermaid Quest can help you find some of the lesser known and hard-to-find mermaids. Although there is no official map to find them on, you can see them on the map below, and you can also find more information about their locations and history here.

Tickets for this event can be purchased at the Virginia Arts Festival box office at the Norfolk Museum of Art, 711 N. Main St., Norfolk. Va. You can also buy tickets for the event on the Norfolk Art Festival's website,, or by visiting the museum's guided tour. This is a great opportunity not to miss the most important murals and works of art.

You can park in full bloom and walk through the park to see the seasons, or you can walk from the parking lot to the museum. The Virginia Arts Festival declined to comment on the matter several times and did not answer questions about why it decided to proceed with Michelangelo's exhibition after being contacted by Biallas. The defendants have voluntarily agreed to keep the exhibition until they have decided on the merits of their request for an injunction against the Virginia Art Festival at the time of the order, "Biallas said. I agree with the decision of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia to bring the modified Michelangelo exhibit to Norfolk.

Documents provided to 13News now show that the Virginia Arts Festival was informed of the court ruling before the exhibition was held. The nonprofit has done so nonetheless, according to court documents, and it is still open to public comment.

In July, Biallas' lawyers sent a letter to the Virginia Arts Festival warning them of the ruling, lawsuit and theft of the Michelangelo exhibition. The Virginia festival forwarded the letter back to its agent, who responded with an attorney, but they said they did not respond. Now both the VaArts Festival and the MacArthur Center have been named as defendants in a lawsuit seeking injunction and damages. She is currently sponsoring the exhibition, which closed in 2018 following a Los Angeles County court ruling.

Proceeds from the Norfolk run will have to be raised for the California judgement, which is expected to raise $2.5 million, and she looks forward to paying for the proceeds of her Virginia Arts Festival and MacArthur Center sponsorship of the exhibition.

Art emphasizes skills and concept development through realistic representation and expressive communication. The credit - to wear Art 8 - is a parallel to high school learning through a combination of art education, art history and creative writing. An upper-level course that offers students the opportunity to try out various artistic contents and develop concentrated fields of interest. Students of the Emerging Artists Fall Art Program must have a recent degree or are currently enrolled in a college or university or high school. Feedback can be requested from the Virginia Arts Festival and MacArthur Center for the Norfolk Art Festival or from any of the artists present.

The Neon Arts District takes its name from the abbreviation "New Energy Norfolk" and includes a variety of arts, music, food, entertainment, retail and other activities. The distinctive "Neon District" is designed by local artists who have been touring the city in recent years as part of a multi-year partnership with the City of Norfolk.

The museum's collection of American paintings and sculptures dates back to the early 20th century, with a focus on the works of Robert Rauschenberg, but also works by renowned groups such as David Hockney, John Singer Sargent, and Robert Motherwell are on view more recently. It also has an extensive photo collection, including contemporary explorations using digital media.

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